Monday, September 19, 2011

[Review] Monthly Anime Style - Issue 1 with Nendoroid Petite: Taiga Aisaka - Final Episode ver.

My second purchase via Mandrake.  Satisfied.  Too bad they don't have SAL registered for shipping.  EMS is a bit expensive.  It took around 8 days for this to reach me from Japan.  I've been hunting it via ebay and mandrake for months.  I actually nearly got it via ebay which is sold for RM160++ with the magazine but I lost track of time, someone outbid me.  I got this for less than 4,000 yen, I think.

Since the order I made is without the magazine, I can't review about it.  Just the nendoroid petite hehe.

According to Good Smile Company product description.
The magazine 'Monthly Anime Style' is coming back... this time coupled with Nendoroid Petites!
Anime Style was a popular magazine featuring articles that delved deep into the work of anime studios and creators - and now it's coming back as "Monthly Anime Style", which will be a monthly publication and will feature a Nendoroid Petite relating to the special feature in each issue!
The first issue features special coverage on the anime 'Toradora!" - including never revealed secrets about the show and never before seen discussions with the main staff, as well as a number of original images. The Nendoroid Petite for this issue is the adorable Taiga Aisaka wearing the cute uniform that she wore in the very last episode of the series. The second special feature in this issue is 'Heart Capture Pretty Cure!' and will include articles exploring the work of the character designer of the series - Yoshihiko Umakoshi. This issue will also feature Mamoru Hosoda, Tatsuya Oishi, Ichirou Ookouchi, Ayumu Watanabe and even a brand new manga by the director of Gurren Lagaan - Hiroyuki Imaishi.
More info, here.

Here's some photos I took of the nendoroid petite I just receive today hehe.

Bubble wrapped!

No damage to box.

Taking it out.


More bubble wrap.


Remove from plastic.

Surprisingly, it's softer than the previous nendoroid petite that I have.  I mean it's easier to attach and remove the parts.

More photos.


I think I'll regret not purchasing this.  My favorite character.  Satisfying indeed.  Now to take photo with the others.

Last but not least, me and Taiga :)

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