Saturday, March 27, 2010

Review: Ritsu Tainaka Nendoroid

I've mentioned in my previous post about going through a totally stressful process in getting her (imagine camping at japanese sites), related post, here.

I received her a week ago but only manage to take her out from the box.  I was bz the whole of last week that I'm too exhausted to even blog.

Now I have a total of three (3) characters from K-ON.  I haven't get into Yui and Mio yet.  I had those since January and took some photos but yet to blog about it.

Back to Ritsu.

Here's the front and back box cover.

Opening the box.  No funky smell.  Unless you get the box closer to your nose.

Took it out of the box.

Whoa, so much plastic in there.

Take everything out and put it on the table.

As you can see, there's the usual three (3) facial expression, the drum set, the lower body (sitting, for the drums), extra hair without hairband, hand joints, arm joints and head bump.  The stand looks exactly like Mio's.

Factory default, before I start detaching it with other facial expression and hand joints.

Detaching the hair from the face.

Look!  For the back hair, you can see got metal thing?  That's a magnet btw.

It's for the head bump, like this.

Oh yeah before we proceed, she's wearing hipster.  You guys should see Mio's, stripey~

I was taking this photo and thought of something.  I brought her outside and took this.

Ritsu: "Why? Why no rain?!"

I only took one coz the dogs were bugging me #_#

Anyways, here's what I took in my room with the head bump.

Two (2) different hair styles.

I follow these pose from the box.

And that's about it.  Out of those three (3) characters that I have from K-ON, I seem to have some kinda attachment towards Ritsu.  I don't know, I took Mio and Yui to play before, but it wasn't as satisfying.  Or maybe I wanted to wait till I got the complete set?  Hmm, I did this post coz someone was rushing me to do it.  But only manage to do it today.  When I'm FREE!!!

Here are some of the photos I took of her with Mio and Yui.  I just gotta do it.  

Come to think of it.  None of my nendoroid have a microphone.  Wait, right?  I want a microphone.  I even wanted to make them play with Megurine Luka but somehow I got a little lazy unboxing.

Next part, was testing their facial expression and joints with each other.  Surprisingly it fits to each nicely.  Except Ritsu's hand joint to Mio's body.  It's too loose.  But I manage to hold it up ;)

Somehow I enjoy putting em together like this ;)

My favorite pose for Mio.

Add it with my DIY pillow.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading / browsing through the photos.  

Can't wait till Mugi and Azusa release. 


x_invalid said...

cute, love the last pic with the pillow.^^ You made it? It's lovely<3

maslight said...

@x_invalid: thanks ;) that's my fav shot of her too. Yes, I made that pillow. I think I have 2. ;)

sakura said...

that is cute! xD~ hoho mine still in box misb ~_~" gonna unbox them when only i already move house i guess =(

maslight said...

@sakura: ganbatte! yew can dew it!