Monday, April 5, 2010

Review: Angel Beats! Yurippe Nendoroid Petite

I did a post about the content of this package previously at Animetsu blog, here.

Today, I'm very happy to say that I've added her into my collection list ;)  It arrives today, but I had to go post office to collect it myself.  Bummer!~  Thank gawd for AmiAmi's 50% off EMS on shipment, I saved a lot.  I've ordered two (2) sets.  One though is for Pjal.  Come on collect it!

Anyways, going to post office around noon is not farnie.  Parking is not farnie.  I was driving in circles (I think I turned more than 5 times), and look for parking near it instead.  Nearly did an illegal parking but I'd rather be safe than sorry.  Mind you, I'd go to the post office for package collection not to say often but I think too many times but I doubt any of those people at the counter would recognize me.  But for the first time, the dood at the counter mistaken me for a japanese.  Oh ogie, I was mistaken for a korean before during my last visit in 1997 but to be mistaken in your own country?  That'd be the first time.  He'd ask for a passport instead of my ID.  Weird.  And he repeated wut he said twice.  "I thought you're a japanese".  Oh ogie, I'm not deaf.  I can hear you just fine.

And this is the biggest box I ever receive from ordering.  Ogie maybe not the biggest but the widest maybe? Iono.  Lemme let you guys see why I'd say that.  I mean I had a box filled with three (3) nendoroids boxes before, this were wide and surprisingly light.  I'd expect something heavy LOL.

I went back to my office straight after I collected my package.  Somehow I know that if I went and get some vegetarian lunch at Gaya Street, I'd be disappointed coz it usually sold out fast.  I'm left hungry with no lunch.  But it's ogie, I'm sort of fasting/on diet.  Hehe.

I'd brought the box back to the office and open it direct.  I mean I'm overly excited and curious at the same time.  Wouldn't you do the same?

Here's the box.  Since the pathetic me dun have a ruler, I'd use the pen instead, to show you how big the box is.

And these fits two (2) sets of those Angel Beats! bundled with Dengeki G's Festival Vol. 6 magazine mind you.

Now open the box.  Front and back view of the content.

As you can see, the front view is as described at online figurine sites while the back is a series of product by chara-ani that will be release in few months.

Now you can see, that back thing is obviously the magazine.  And yes, it's that thin.  It's A4 size with additional 1 inch to the width.  The magazine is a roughly 70 pages of introduction/interview/character introduction and etc.  I'll walk you through some of the pages with photos aight.

And yes! I intentionally took the photo about Shiina-san!  Gosh I love that character, well apart from the others of course.  Oh yeah, not forgetting the interview pages an d notice the band pages?  OMG those are kewl as collection figures *uhuk~.  You know?  *hint K-ON!  Even though they're not the lead characters in that series, they're one kewl band!  Be cafeful wut you wish for, it may came true and I'll be broke till I know it.

Oh another great news is...

A set of three (3) gonna be release soon.  No idea when though.  Lookie lookie!  Shiina-san YATTA!!!  I hope I won't miss out on Tenshi's nendoroid petite figure in June.

Now lets get back to the box that comes/bundled with this thin magazine.

The front box were the one above (way up there).  And the back cover is actually this.

Opening it.

Yes, it's a small box inside a box.  That's where the dakimakura and nendoroid petite is.

The dakimakura of Tenshi (damn vivid colors).  Maybe I should custom make one to fit this *uhuk~

No, sorry, I'm not able to open this at work coz my office is filled with busy body.  LOL.

And last but not least, the nendoroid petite.

Waw, most of the time they'd have the detachable version instead of detached ones, isn't it?  Or I must be dreaming?  Took it out of the plastic and detach the whole thing.

Detaching the lower body part seems a bit tedious.  There were plastic on it so I had to take it off.  Putting it on back is also tedious.  I must be sweating a lot not being able to fix it properly.

And...uh oh!  Her hand (from the wrist) is detachable too.  OMG! Does this mean I could hmmm.  Lets keep that thought to myself first.

The base, the usual nendoroid petite base and stand.

And finally the figure ;)

Oh gawd, looking from this view, ehem~ see what I mean about the lower body part.  I ain't fixing it right yet.  LOL.  I'm sorry.  I was excited to review it ;)  Gonna pair her with my other petites when I get back hehe.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post.  As much as I enjoy playing with it.  Can't wait till the other characters to come out! Gotta get em all!


Pjal said...

arigato gozaimasu

otsukaresama deshita

you can pass to me the dakimakura if u dont want it :3

maslight said...

*pukul pukul Pjal. DREAM ON!!!! XP

Bernard Tzing said...

dakimakura!!!!!!!!!!i want!!!!

maslight said...

@Bernard: OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH. can get those covers from animetsu *uhuk~

Bernard Tzing said...

i bet its very damn expensive then...

Bernard Tzing said...

the dakimakura cover that come along with the mag, is it both sided?so, got urself a pillow yet?ngehehehe..

maslight said...

@Bernard: This cost me less than RM200, thank gawd for 50% on EMS. I didn't open the Tenshi cover yet. kekekek and no, dun have dakimakura ;_; custom made? XD

Pjal said...

this dakimakura only have 1 side only.. 2 side dakimakura price is same as a scale figurine

maslight said...

@Pjal: FUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~

Bernard Tzing said...

mas:oic..erm..not sure kk hv dat size of pillow or not..mayb hv to buy online oso..

pjal: dats rite..two sided dakimakura covers can buy 1 scale figure..well, atleast u hv one dakimakura nw..act plan to get one for myself oso but my gf said me "pian tai" (psyco) so tak

maslight said...

@Bernard: it'd be expensive if order it online, I mean since it's gonna be heavy. Maybe can find local seller to custom make XD

IRTeA said...

OMG... I didn't know Massy has a dakimakura..... omg

jocosaevans said...

Oh my God! She is looking so sweet and really she is angel. She is looking very gorgeous in the above pictures.
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maslight said...

@Arine: I has a cover, Pjal oso have 1 hur hur hur

@jocosaevans: Yeah she's cute. I love this series.