Thursday, April 8, 2010

July & August Nendoroids

Good Smile Company (GSC) doesn't seem to show any sign of break, just when I thought they're slowing down.  I was so wrong.

Today, announced the pre-order for Manaka Takane Nendoroid (release in August 2010) figure from Love Plus and Francesca Lucchini from Strike Witches (release in July 2010).  I've already did both blog post at Animetsu Blog, just click the link.

Manaka Takane comes in four (4) different expression and selling for 3,500 yen. I want this!  

I find the expression is so damn cute. 

 GSC will also release the other two (2) characters Nene and Rinko in the future.

Strike Witches Francesca.

As cute as the facial expression is, I'm skipping this coz I dun really watch Strike Witches.  Hmm somehow this reminds me of Sky Girls.  I have no idea why.

To buy or not to buy? *thinks hard.  Lemme check my order list first.  Won't wanna go over budget again now do we?  Besides, I'm waiting for Revoltech Toro and Kuro in October.  Gotta save some $$ for that.


CottonCandy said...

shud get them both or juz skip both.. XD
btw.. u hv yoshika? i tink yoshika nampak lebih cantik.. @@

maslight said...

@PatPatPat: I dun have yoshika oh. Impulse buying? XD

jocosaevans said...

Nene and Rinko are really very cute and I hope that GSC will launch them very soon. The pictures you have shared over here are really nice.
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maslight said...

@jocosaevans: I didn't get em. Need to cut down on expenses T_T wish I were rich so can get everything *sigh.