Sunday, March 21, 2010

Review: Marisa Kirisame Nendoroid

I've been thinking so much lately about this.  I wanted to get all the Touhou Project Nendoroid if I could but, it's too far to reach.  *cries.  That being said, I'd like to thank Animetsu for making Marisa Nendoroid as my first exclusive nendoroid.  I got her at a very good price.  My next would be Sanae.  I couldn't get Reimu and Sakuya yet *sigh.

This came together with Nendoroid Chiaki and Luka.  Refer to my previous post, here.

On another note, I'm happy to say that the Nendoroid Ritsu I've ordered from AmiAmi is reaching soon.  It got off KL on Saturday, so I'll be receiving it on Monday.  I hope.  And it's gewd to know that I manage to get one for Pjal via HLJ.  Thank gawd they restocked.

Anyways, lets get back to Marisa Nendo shall we?

The front and back box.

So far so gewd, now opening the box.

Gewd, no weird smell.

Taking it out from the box.

Laying it on the table.

I even detach the body parts.

As you can see, there's only two (2) facial expression here.

This is one of those things I gotta do.

Drawers!!! Is seriously cute.  Compared to the usual hipster.  *sweat.

Factory default.

I somehow could imagine something with this.  Hmm, must find time to make diorama.

Witch hat, most probably can fit any nendoroid's head.  Oh yeah, notice there's some shade of pink on the white ribbon.  It's not photoshop.  It's naturally like that.  I think if it were entirely white, you can't see the detailing.

Back view of the figure.

The back ribbon is detachable. 


You can change the hand joints.  Some with holes to hold different items.

When I was gonna change to the other expression.  I notice this on her hair.

Last but not least, my favorite expression.  :D

Every nendoroid characters are unique in their own way, no less in this one.  I love em dearly ;) I just hope I could collect every single one of them.  Especially the ones from this series.  Unfortunately, I'm not that rich *cries.

Sorry if this post sound less interesting than my other post.  The heat melted my brain.


Leonia said...

Marisa is really adorable ! Thanks for this review ^^

maslight said...

@Leonia: ;) thanks for commenting. yeah I thought she's cute too ;) so happy I got her.

Anonymous said...

I like that you think. Thank you for share very much.

maslight said... Thanks ;)

CottonCandy said...

did u owys take an extra pantsu shot juz 4 nendoroid pantsu fans like me? :p

maslight said...

@PatPatPat: hahaha yes, I intentionally take pantsu shot for fans like u ;)