Sunday, February 7, 2010

SEGA Game Prize Nyoron set of 4

As you can see, I sort of screwed up my current layout coz was trying to change to a new layout the other day but am still not satisfied with the choice.  Talking about back to basics and being uninspired to design is not farnie.

But we're not gonna get into that in details coz this post is dedicated to the above mentioned PVC figures.  I can't remember when I made this order but it was months ago till it was released last January.  I think it was release for quite awhile now but only got it shipped this week coz Pinky Street new series got delayed till March 2010.  Oh yeah, and thanks for EMS 50% shipping!  Definitely save a lot.  But that only happens for the month of February.  Heh~

Anyways, another trip to my dad's office yesterday to pick up my package.  Hmm, I can't seem to change my address unless I inform them earlier?  Or when making my order?  No idea.  They seem to have skip that part.

Here's my package.  Small box only.

It took 4 days via EMS.  Awesome!  I was still at my dad's office parking area that time.  Couldn't wait till I get home, I open the box in my car hahahahha.

What's inside?

Oh yeah, those cute Happy Tree Friends keychains aren't mine.  I wish it's mine.  Should have ordered some for myself but out of stock already.  *sigh.

Out from the plastic.


Behind the box.  


Instructions to fix the stand.


Take off from box.


There were a lot of tapes.  And what I notice is the alphabet at the side (shown below).


I'm not sure if you guys can see it clearly.  Near my thumb.

Content for each of the nyoron figure are the same, which is the figure itself, the base and the stick for it to stand.  But I think you don't really need the transparent looking stick coz it can stand by itself with the hole for the leg on the base.


I'm gonna make a sample for 1.  I pick maido ;)

Paint error? *points at hair.

What is attachable and detachable?

The head and body only.  Everything else can't move or be detach.

The base.


Line up all 4.


Four (4) expressions and pose.

It works with GSC nyoron petite.  I mean the head with the body.


Some size measurement comparison?



Overall I think it's okay, except SEGA version of nyoron looks tanned.  @_@"""

So yeah, that's pretty much it. 


Aj said...

u said u gonna void online shopping..heheheh

maslight said...

@Aj: these are pre-orders. Void happens after er nvm @_@"""

TS Lim said...

Thx for the happy tree friends keke

maslight said...

@dx: sure thing ;) I thought those are cute lil things hmm, if next time got I wanna get some ;)

sakura said...

=3 nyoro~n

maslight said...

@sakura: nyoron ;3