Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review: Dengeki Bunko magazine March 2010 Edition Vol.12 Nii-Ten-Go limited Ver. Serenia Appendix (Magazine)

The thing about ordering items for yourself is, you'll have to be the one to handle any matters that comes after the purchase.  In this case, since my order was sent out before the chinese new year holiday, it reaches KL before the holiday and was sent out to destination the following working day.  Which in this case, reach my location after the holidays, which fall on Wednesday (yesterday).  I checked my package status via Japan EMS site and found out it was at KL but decided to call KLIA mail centre just in case.

Found out that it was already sent out to my location and I was anxiously waiting for the posman to send it to me.  And this is the first time for me to experience this.  Being called by the local centre to pick up my package.  Gahh~ say wut?  I think all their staff is still on holiday till next week since it's another holiday next Friday?

So there I was, at work, after the call, went to Pos Laju centre for the pick up.  My mistake for going out around lunch hour.  Thank gawd traffic weren't that bad.  Reach there, I notice there were a lot of undelivered package and even though there weren't much people queuing up the line, most of them are picking up their package cause the mail centre had called them to pick it up themselves?  I know everyone deserves a holiday but are they understaffed?  Why can't they get it sent out efficiently?  I wonder if courier service works that way too.  *sigh.

Went back to the office after the pick up and start unboxing.

But before that, I notice that my box was opened by Local Custom.  Not sure why yet but.

The content.  Two of these.  One is mine and another one belongs to Pjal.


The contents:


Consist of magazine, big poster and figure.

Lets start with the magazine.

Magazine cover.

So we found the reason why the box was open for checking in the first place ei?

No nekkid scenes there.  Sorry to disappoint you custom people *uhuk~

Some sample pages.  There's a total of less than 400 pages for this magazine.  I think.  And it's in japanese.  Other than that, it's filled with color pages and some text pages (which I can't read).


I think there's pages about Shakugan no Shana too, but I'm unable to translate *cries.


And now the poster that comes with this set.  Measuring at 594 x 841mm.  Big poster.  Heck! It's bigger than my roxy poster.  Geh~ It was folder into small postcard size.

Now the best part of all.  The figure that comes with it.

The box.  Front and back, details.


This figure is from chara-ani.  Not Good Smile Company.  Surprisingly I couldn't find the proper information about it in  It's roughly the same height as a nendoroid petite, which is around 5-7cm more or less.

Take out parts from plastic.


What's detachable?


Actually the skirt is detachable from the legs too.
You need not to worry about fixing the drill like hair back cause it's labeled.


The ribbon.

The base have two holes on it.  For the legs.  Not fond of looking at the legs.  Doesn't look pretty.  Why can't it be hanging like nendoroid petite?


The neck.  Unlike nendoroid petite.  But it's movable.  


Now it's all fixed.


Notice the brochure behind it?  It contains details / image of released figure.  Like the one Toradora from toyworks.


Pantsu very lacey lulz~

And last but not least, a shot of comparison with nendoroid petite.  In this case, I use nyoron~



It's even taller than my camera cover.  Hehe~

Overall it was interesting, not as satisfying but interesting.  I mean with doing a comparison, the overall painting wasn't as great but it's acceptable.  And it's a cute figure too.  Oh yeah notice the face size?  

More details about this magazine, Dengeki Bunko official website.

Hope you enjoy this read.  I know I enjoyed taking photos and reviewing it.  Till the next figure.


sakura said...

looks quite cute xD lol kastam haha. weird they call u to pick up. they should assigned someone to take care for the send o_o" usually they should have quota for how many ppl must stay in office to work lol

maslight said...

@sakura: holiday season, understaff, weird oso, they ask everyone to collect themselves ni.

Anonymous said...

very cool!

maslight said...

@msaudreyc: the lacey pantsu gives a nice touch ;)