Saturday, January 23, 2010

Review: Kagami Kuro Nendoroid

Talking about delayed post huh (I had it 9 days go)?  I finally got time to open the box and play with it.

Anyways, I'm gonna skip the whole story about what Kodomo no Jikan is all about and get straight to the figure itself.  Besides, you could read it up from neko magic or Good Smile Company about this figure.

Official japanese website: .

Just like the other nendoroid, except some I bought after the release, this particular nendoroid was open for pre-order last August 2009 and released in December.  It was suppose to release on November but was delayed.  I'm guessing it got something to do with mass producing of nendoroids.  I feel so broke it's not farnie.

I never regret getting this figure.  Just like my other nendoroids except Sebastian Michaelis and Nozumo Itoshiki, I got this from Animetsu.  Unfortunately, it's out of stock, maybe whoever wants this can outsource to any local store or online shops?

Okay enough of that, lets proceed to what's sweet about owning a Kagami Kuro nendoroid shall we?

First of all, I gotta say that I never watch the anime prior purchasing this figure, I just thought she's cute with those big cat ears ;3 I love.

Anyways, front and back box.

Opening the box.


Thank gawd, no weird glue smell, it smells normal YATTA!

Take it out. 


All laid out on the table.

So far so gewd.  No major defects.  Just some tiny scratch and minor bad paint, no biggie.


Like for instance this part of the ear.  See, the scratch doesn't look that visible rite?

Some other parts.

The stand is normal and round.  The leg holder, hmm what's that extra thing?


Holding Kuro.

What a cutie ;3

You have the cat ear set and the ribbon.  Both are cute!


She even look cute without the fringe.  Hehe~

Flippable cellphone.  Kewlness!

Her back view.


How to remove her tail?

Her bag.  I mean if you put on her head.  Her hair covers most of the bag which only viewable from side.


Back hair view.

This has gotta be my favorite expression.  Too bad I dun have a chair to seat her.  Oh wait, I do, I'll take photo of it next time.


Distracted *uhuk~

And this one for Pjal XD


Bad paint on yuki's leg and the arm part a bit weird.

"Ring Ring, Hello?"


Overall it's very satisfying and since I've ordered Usa Mimi, I'm thinking how and where I'm gonna get Rin to complete em.  *thinks.

I so totally love this one.


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maslight said...

@Pjal: LOL *pat pat.

sakura said...

i want it too! T_T i mean yuki puchi xD

maslight said...

@sakura: XD oh nois.

Anonymous said...

omg i want the miniature of yuki!!!

maslight said...

@msaudreyc: I think nagato yuki petite still available in some places. Only you have to get it in set.

-cHuMiE- said...

nice review..
keep going..
i just follow your blog
in fact, i'm making one too..
but it is need improvement..