Thursday, January 14, 2010

Churuya-san meets Churuya-san petite ;3

Somehow I lost my memory when it comes to remembering when I ordered her but I swear it was after nendoroid Mio.  I somehow didn't list down the dates when I pre-ordered her from animetsu.  But I know that it's around after August of last year?  And after the long wait, she came home to me.  I though had to pick her up at my dad's office.  And it's been pouring all day today.

Well since I requested Jason to hold on to my Mio nendoroid till the other nendoroids arrived, I get four (4) nendoroids home today.  So happy.  Was confused when he gave me two (2) tracking number at first though.  I get it now hehe :)

Oh and this is new.

Pos Laju Pack.  Somehow this looked so kewl.  Please ignore that part.

What else is new?

Animetsu sticker and stamp WOOT?!

Ehem, I wonder if Jason gets tired of writing addresses XD maybe should print it? *giggles.

Back to the boxes.  Lets open the smaller box first.

Newspaper?  Bubble wraps?

*ignores nyoron. *high, plays with bubble wrap.  Pops em bubble wrap.

*roll eyes to the bigger box.  Maybe got more bubble wrap.

*Opens box.

Hmm, the usual stuff.  What?!!?! No bubble wrap?

But got what?


Mio, Kagami Kuro and Yui.  We'll talk about them next time ogie?

Oh behind the invoice.  T&C.  Ahah! I saw touhou character there ;)

All combined?

Ogie, since nyoron was first.  I'll talk about her first.

Front and back view of the box.


Side view.

Authenticity.  Shiney sticker.


Lets open the box.

OMG! What is that smell?  It smells like paint tinner.  Left it for awhile.

WARNING: excessive sniffing might cause nausea.  (LOL kidding).

There were nine (9) points in total.  Wuah so many.  Normally there's only five (5) or so.  Hmm, how odd, one of it seems to have glue on it.

Mass production cause defects? Iono @_@

The parts.


More parts.

The base/stand looks decent.  Didn't they usually put it in a plastic?  It doesn't seem to be in this one.

Hmm this is pretty common rite?


Erm, paint defect on hair?  ;-\


Oh yeah, notice there's two (2) ribbons?  I was wondering too.

I later found out that it's not a replacement if you lost the one of it.  But it's for the sitting pose.

Notice how easy it is to fix it?

Some hand parts.

Churuya-san and churuya-san petite parts.

Aight now some random photos.

They spotted cheese.

 How to share this?


It's mine!!!

Er wrong utensils.  You come near I slash you.


Drool drool drool~

Ogielah give up.

What are you doing?


Lets do it together!

Sorry I had to, look at the pantsu difference.


Same height liao. YATTA! Almost.


Oh yeah, here's what I think of the nendoroid nyoron.  Hmm.

First, was confused about the skirt.  Why issit soft?  Iono.  Then, the parts are a bit loose.  Weird, I got used to the tight kind of parts.  Actually it's gewd that it's easy to take off, just need some time to get use to.  Hair difference between those two (2) is obvious.  The nendoroid have a darker hair.  Everyone knows that.  Petite still look cuter.  I love the hands got holes, can hold stick like items.

So yeah, pretty much it.  Overall it's just nice to have it as my collection.  We'll see how the others will do ei?

Now I have eight (8) nendoroid.


s-yz said...

xD lol animetsu got logo d eh? nice la. aww too bad see ur nyoron T_T

maslight said...

@s-yz: sakura, yeah, T_T sad oh kan. mass production sucks.