Friday, December 25, 2009

Animetsu launched affliate program and review reinbursement

One of the online figure site that I often go to has got to be Animetsu.  My first order with them was the Nendoroid L and Al-Azif.  I think I have more than 10 pre-orders with that online site from that on forward.  Anyways, this post right here is not gonna be about how many figurines I bought from that online site, it's about the new program that will benefit buyers like me and everyone else.

First, we gonna talk about the new affiliate program.

Simple, just refer people.  In this case, click my link *cough cough and register for free.  More info. here.

Second, we have review reimbursement program, where you (must be a member) write a review on the item/s that you bought from Animetsu.  For each review, you'll receive a reward of RM1.00.  Terms and condition applies though.  Click here for more info.

If I remember correctly, so far I wrote I think two (2) review?

Gonna write more soon.  Still waiting for my pre-order items to release.  Soon~

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