Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Arrival of Danbo

My order from last 6th Dec 2009 arrived today.  Well more like I went to the post office to collect it myself.  Don't ask.

Prior receiving the box.  I was wondering how could three (3) danbo could actually fit into one (1) box.  Oh btw, I got these from LYN forumer, Hasegawa.  If you want one or maybe some, go to this link here.

My order took 2 weeks.  I was surprised coz I remember seller said it'll take around 3 weeks.

Okay now we start on what Massy thinks about her Danbo aight.

Human size danbo craft (made out of boxes) by aks.  This was taken on 12th Dec 2009 at Citymall during HobbyCon 2009.  I want to take this home.

Okay, back to the figures.

Notice something on the package.


Yes! I love presents! ;3

*tears brown paper.  O.O


"I swear I ordered Danbos".

Open box.


These are mine!!!


Oh, you know how sometimes you gotta check for details and content of boxes?  Well see, I didn't know this comes with yotsuba's head.  My bad.

Battery powered for both Danbo and danbo mini.  Oh yeah, this of coz are versions.  I wanted this long ago.

A comparison in sizes?


 Free hug?  Anyone?


The head

Oh here's one with Yotsuba.

And I wanted to retake some photos of kurimu.



"Hmmm, got stalker".


The body is mine! YATTA!!!



Aight, that's about it.  Not like my usual explanation thinggie but this will do, for now.

Any questions/enquiries, please drop me comment/feedback.  Thanks.


Anonymous said...

kiut tu kotakkk... sa mau... nanti sa curi dari kau k.

maslight said...

@kent: apa ni men curi curi XP

Ciyou said...

why alot of ppl tend to collect this toy nowadays?

maslight said...

@Ciyou: coz it's cute ;)