Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kurimu Sakurano Petite figures

Items arrived today!!

I ordered these two (2) figures last 28th Nov 2009 and made my payment after the official release last 9th December 2009.  It was shipped on 11th December 2009 and arrived yesterday 15th December 2009.  Waw, talking about fast shipping via EMS ei?  Shipping cost not farnie though. 

Shipping was at 3,500 yen.  You ask me why?  Continue reading.

These polystyrene looks like snacks LOL.

First to come out, Pjal's Touhou SD Keychain #8.5 UsoUsa.

And here are my Kurimu Sakurano Petite figures in uniform and gym uniform.

Yesth! In hand, the real thing.

In hand hehe.

Dragon magazine Jan.2010 with Petite Kurimu Sakurano uniformver.Figure and Dragon Age Magazine Jan.2010 with Petite Kurimu Sakurano gym uniform ver.Figure.  One sold at 940 yen and the other at 859 yen.  I was seriously lucky coz suddenly there was two (2) stock for the uniform version figure.  And I had to wait for the gym uniform figure to release before shipping items to me hehe.

What shocked me was the magazine that comes with the gym uniform petite figure.

I didn't know it was this thick.  WTFBBQ @_@"""


Now lets check the magazine content.  This is inside the Dragon Magazine.

Poster, OMG this is so cute.


Another one of the pages and mind you this magazine contains 476 pages (double sided prints) excluding the front and back cover.  This magazine has a lot of text going on and some color pages of games and anime related content.  I think.

Kyoukas are cute *blush.

The other Dragon Age magazine has 846 pages (double sided prints) excluding front and back cover.  This magazine contains comics, samples as below.


I"m not gonna go through the magazines in details coz of the number of pages.  I just flipped it through.  Now lets get to the figures shall we?

Put both boxes side by side.  With and without the cover.

Now what's at the back of the box?

Yes, this is a product by GSC (Good Smile Company).

Took it out of the box. Interesting enough, this is my first time seeing this type of packaging for a petite.  And this reminds me of the packaging for re-ment miniatures *sweat.


Since I have two (2) petite figure in hand, I'll start off with  the gym uniform one.

*cut plastic and take out parts.


What's detachable?  The head, the hands, the hairs and the body.

The face seems to be perfect.  The hair somehow doesn't seem to fit the head nicely, but I'll try again.  Coz my hands were sweaty.

I was having trouble attaching the ribbon to the hair.  I manage to fix it after detaching everything and putting it back on again LOL.  And there's indication for left (notice the L from the above photo?) and right ribbon.

Notice the holes for the ribbons.


Failed attempt to fix ribbon on hair orz.  So I took this earlier.  While typing this post, I detach the whole thing and attach it again and manage to get it done.

Manage to attach the ribbons ;)

And now we have neck XD

Sorry 'bout the no neck thing LOL.  I just realize it when editing my photos.  It looked  funny, here's a new shot of her.

Back view.


What's disappointing is the stain on the white shirt and the extra paint on the ribbon.

Now enough of gym uniform version, we go to uniform version, it's similar only different uniform.

The parts.


Same ear and hair problem.  I tried pressing it back but doesn't seem to fit in nicely. I doing this right?

Side and back view.


Notice the gap between hairs?  I tried ;_; I failed *sigh.  Oh yeah the back stand, there's hole on for the sash which is not attaching to the back.

The actual figure.

Both compared.

Difference in hair color @_@

Opps sorry no neck.



PUH~ Uber long, too many photos ;)

I hope this post is informative enough for everyone.  If there's any question you'd like to ask, please leave feedback/comment.  Thanks.           

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