Friday, December 11, 2009

My current order

Placed order with AmiAmi waiting it to be shipped.

Dragon Age Magazine Jan 2010 release.  

With petite Kurimu Sakurano figure in uniform and gym outfit ;)

Shipping as usual kills (in this case, it cost more than the figure itself orz) coz I requested it to be shipped via EMS and the magazines are heavy.  Besides, it's safer that way.

But, I missed out on this.

Dengeki Bunko magazine Jan 2010 Vol.11 Nii-Ten-Go limited. orz.

Well, lets hope for a miracle ;)

I've also placed my order with a LYN member, Hasegawa for Danboard and mini danboard ;)  Second (2nd) bulk closed last 8th Dec 2009, but if there's demand for it, maybe there will be a third bulk.  Well who knows rite?  If you need to order, click this link, here.

You need to be a member of the forum though ;)

I wanted these figures long time ago, finally gonna get it ;)

Hopefully it'll arrive before new year.

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