Sunday, November 29, 2009

Petit Chara Land To Love-Ru Falling Girl`s

Mind you, I had this since 24th October of last year (2008).  Bought three (3) character from Moe Yume and another three (3) belongs to my brother.  He thought it'd be kewl to display all in my room.  I put them in a casing, safe from dust.

I still have the boxes just in case.

This is not a new figure, it was released last September 2008.  I'm not sure if you can still get these or not.  Regular price for twelve (12) pieces is 6,600 yen.  More info, click here.

Height at 70mm for each figure.  There's only six (6) different figure.

These three (3) belongs to cubex.

And these are mine.

What can you do with them?  Well nothing much, only two (2) of the figure can hold items and you can detach their head from their body, hence, change their body.  And that's about it.

More photos, here.

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