Friday, November 27, 2009

Hetare Saber Nendoroid

This is not mine, mind you.  This belongs to my brother, cubex.  I'm just "borrowing" it for some of my photoshoots, if you call that photoshoots hehe.  Btw, this is the only Nendoroid he has.  One of the early nendoroids that adds up to his many many collection.  He should "give" or okay maybe the correct word is "sell" it to me, since I started this whole Nendoroid collection rite? *giggles.

Okay, lets get started with trying to assemble.  I thought maybe, just maybe I could use the other nendoroids facial expression that I have but was disappointed coz it doesn't fit.  Oh my goat, this is like when I tried to fit Sebastian Michaelis's expression to L's.  Surprisingly there's some difference in the material/make.  Saber has more rubbery material compared to the harder material for L's hair.  And the face, yeah well, Saber got bigger face.

Here's some samples I took.

See, there's a reason why I hold L's face.


It's pointy compared the Saber's face.  There's difference for her arm too.  But maybe I'll talk about that next time.

Anyways, now lets get to the photos I took today shall we?

I manage to take roughly 16 shots.  Separated by two (2) sessions coz the neighbour's kids were bugging me.  I can't concentrate lol.

"We've spotted something."

"I think it's safe"

Time for nap.  ZzzzZzzz.

Sorry, couldn't think of anything.  It's totally random LOL.


cicak said...

super kawaii!

maslight said...

@cicak: I know rite? XD but my bro dun wanna sell it to me T_T