Friday, November 6, 2009

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan 3rd Super Limited Version! (Book)

I finally got it!

But for 3x the original price.  Har har har.  That's for missing out from the earlier pre-order (check out the original price, here).  No more.  But then, I'm very satisfied with the item.  Lets get on to how and when I got it shall we?

I've been contemplating for months in wanting to get this comic book.  Not because of the comic itself but for the petite figure.  I love to collect these.  I started collecting since god knows when.  It's a not so farnie hobby.  Collecting this puts a hole in your wallet/purse.

One day, I receive a notification via email, since this was on my watch list.  Looking through the list, found out that it was on sale.  The prices from ebay is not farnie.  It could reach to USD49.99 (without shipping).  It shouldn't cost that much to begin with!  But the one I got is from this seller at Japan, otaku_do_akihabara, I watch his list for months now and it's on sale.  The price?  USD26.99.  I went through all the conversion and thought the price was okay.  So, what did smarty massy do?  Clicks "Buy It Now".  SO SMART!  Shipping via SAL was USD17 (or was it USD18), but being the paranoid brat that I am, I choose to ship via EMS instead which cost about USD26.  Total was USD52.99.

Well at least it didn't reach RM200 right?  Very farnie massy.

This was an easy and fast transaction.  Enquire, click buy, pay, and wait for item to be sent out.  Yes, easy indeed.  Transaction went smoothly without any problem and seller sent the package the following day.  And I got my EMS tracking code in no time.  So, there I was, tracking my item as soon as I got the tracking no.

I've estimated the item to arrive on Monday coz my package was at KLIA Pos Malaysia on the 30th October 2009.  I start panicking when there weren't any update after that.  I was checking the EMS page everyday.  Started to panic and started cursing in plurk (yeah it appeared on facebook status updates too), sorry.  You see, when you want something so badly, you must have it.  So I thought, hey, maybe delay, since it's Halloween, maybe they got some kinda of holiday huh?  Yeah rite!  Lets just say that I had to go through calling our local post office (trust me, it's not easy trying to get through) few times and I called KLIA Pos Malaysia to check the status of my item.  I found out my package had been shipped to KK last 30th October 2009.  *sigh.  The horror!

Called our local post office again, went through different phone numbers till they directed me to Pos Laju.  Was informed by Pos Laju that my package is in customs.  Er, blur, didn't they check it when it reach KL during the transit?  *blurs.  Check again?  Yeap.  And guess what?  Customs office only opens at 2pm.  So okay, wait another day.  Who knows everything will clear up and Pos Laju will send it to me.  WRONG!  At this point, it has already been 10 days.  EMS from Japan to KL takes about 3 days and to reach KK it takes at least a week.  The latest is around 8-9 days.  But it has been 10 days now and my package is still not here.  Loads of stuff going through my mind.  Oh the paranoia.  It's seriously not farnie.

Finally, I manage to get the hold of Pos Laju and found out that my package has been release by customs and I can either pick it up myself at the counter (which takes about maybe 15-20 mins to get to from my office) or wait till they send it to me.  So, okay, stewped me, I told them to send it to me.  Didn't on the package its already written my address and office phone number?  Like hello?!  Why did the lady ask me stewped question again?  *confused.  I thought again, oh heck, who cares, at least I'm getting my package finally.  WRONG again!  I waited anxiously for my package and was complaining till it was 3pm.  I have no patience for waiting, especially when it's send to my office.  I made calls to the Pos Laju again.  It's not easy getting through okay.  I have no idea why so many people call Pos Laju.  I tried two (2) numbers, I think my phone doesn't work well with redialing that I had to press it time and time again.  God knows how many times I tried to get through.  This time, a different lady answered the phone and I went through checking for the status of my package again.

Guess what?  The lady told me the package haven't been cleared yet and need to go through more procedures.  At that point, I paused and started talking again and ask how I could get it by that day itself.  Trying to remain calm and talk nicely is a bit hard on my side coz I paid extra for EXPRESS MAIL and package got delayed.  So then the lady told me that she will try to get my package release as soon as possible and send it to me the next day.  OMFG, I said no thank you, I want to collect my package today since the other lady that I talked to earlier in the morning (11am mind you), had told me that I could pick it up myself that time.  Left my number with them and they said that they'll call me at 4pm.

Waited for the phone call at 4pm while holding my bladder and thinking at the same time of how I could make it to the post office and back to Sadong to pick my sis up at 5pm.  And it was raining heavily at that time.  At around past 4, I received the call and I went off directly without going to the toilet.  Yes, I informed my colleagues and went off.

Reached the post office few minutes after that, got out with my umbrella (somehow this doesn't quite work, I'm still wet), walked to the counter, waited and went to the wrong counter, went to the right counter, enquired and waited again till the dood at the counter bring my package to me.  Still can ask if it's my real name orz.  What's so weird with my name @_@"""  It's my real name okay!  Signed it off, took my package, went back to my car, phew~ I was so happy after went through all that.  Relief!  Not yet, it was 4:30pm, I went to my sis's office, still got time to open my package in the car.

So, that's pretty much it.  All the troubles I had to go through in getting this item.  CRAZY!

Now for photos.

The package.  sorry had to photoshop the addresses.  Look at the stamp.  Three (3) customs stamp man.  WTH.


Opening it, er, waw, tight, is this one of the reason why customs holding it custody for a long time?

LOL A "friendly" note from my seller.

With bubble wrap ;) 

Aiyak~ still got plastic, can't open till I get home.

I got home, showered and took these.  Open package.

The comics.

And Nagato Yuki Petite ;)


Oh yeah, it's same size as the Nyoron petite I got from my previous post, here.

Nyoron with bunny ears and hippo ;)

Yuki with nyoron body XD

Last but not least, I'd like to say, WELCOME to the family Yuki ;)


Anonymous said...

Thus, marks the end of "The Nightmare Before Halloween" as Massy breathes in a sigh of relief.

maslight said...

@Kent chan: ahahhahahahah yes, it's a relief.

Aj said...

at last massy stop "membebel"... wew

maslight said...

@Aj: HAHAHAHAHAH thank yew for reading it XP