Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Touhoubougetusyou Comics and Figure has arrived!

Remember my pre-order for this comic and figure last August?  Well, it's here.  Finally!  Comic + figure pre-order post, here.

I was all excited when opening the box.  You'll soon know why, just scroll down.

This package actually arrived last Friday.  But since my dad has seminar on Monday, couldn't get it till today.  Thanks daddy ;) for picking it up.

The package.

Open cover.

First, we'll talk about the comic.  I haven't go through page by page but there's a total of over 120 pages and 4 of the main page (x2 coz both sides) are printed in color.  I think it'll cost more if it's a complete color comic book huh?

Back cover

 Now that's done, we go to the figure.


It measures about 3.5cm.


Compares with nyoron petit.


Nyoron petite, here.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to blog about this.  I received my package from Japan last 1st October 2009.  Revoltech Toro and Kuro Halloween version.

Overall I'm very satisfied coz it's super cute.  I though was hoping the size to be similar to nyoron petit.  Till the next arrival ;)


Aj said...

Cool toys

maslight said...

@Aj: you can't forget that it's cute ;)