Wednesday, October 5, 2011

[Review] Prisma Illya 2wei! Manga Vol. 4 Limited Edition w/ Nendoroid Petite Prisma Illya by Kadokawa Group Publishing

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've haven't been too hardworking with updating my figurine blog these days and I've been cutting down on my orders, this is my final 3 order.  I hope they won't come up with anything that I like or I won't be able to stop buying at all.  Anyways, pre-ordered this from AmiAmi since last January 13th and finally got my invoice on September 27th, made payment and finally arrived today October 5th.  

If you're interested to get it, you still able to order from AmiAmi, here.

This set is selling for 2,381 yen.  *roll eyes at AmiAmi.  They sell for 2,500 yen.  I had a combine shipping with a friend on another figure set so shipping wasn't that expensive but currency went bad and the price was slightly higher but it's fine.  This is not the most expensive figure I've got hehe.
The set includes:1) Nendoroid Petit Prisma Illya (after transformation)2) Newly recorded drama CD (approx. 60min.)3) Limited edition manga (in the special cover with exclusive illustration)
I was just gonna leave it MISB with the other pile but since a friend told me his nendoroid petit is missing a hair piece, I went slightly panicky and open mine to check.  End up doing this review instead.  Okay.

Cuts outer plastic.  Take out.

The usual packaging.  Nendoroid petit at 1 side and the other is the manga and CD!

Lets look at the manga first.  First few pages (maybe 2-3 pages) are color.

And inside is black and white.

Now the CD.

Yet to turn this on.  Maybe later.

Now to the nendoroid petit.

Takes a moment and *sniffffffffffffffffffffffff~ ahhhh the smell of new nendo. 

Okay, sorry 'bout that.  *takes out everything.

That's what you get.  2 facial expression!  Yay~

*Takes off plastic.  I usually take off and remove plastic but some part looks a bit too fragile that I was reluctant to pull the body parts apart, so just tore the plastic like how my friend, Pjal did with the ones I had last time.  I'm not taking any risk in breaking it okay.

Cutest thing EVER!  And the make is so nice.  Smooth~ in comparison with the sets.  *roll eyes.  I find those are slightly poor quality.  In a way of saying, the detailing for these are better.

Now attach it back and massive photograph it.  With my smartphone that is.

Front back left right :)  

 The other facial expression.

So happy.  

There, hope this help you peeps make decision to get it :) It's all worth it!  Gawd I love this series!  But I do not want to get the sets.  Hmph~

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