Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dengeki G's Magazine 2011 Sept. Issue with Nendoroid Petite Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Erio

I apologize for the lack of update.  Last updated in February.  Oh gawd. 

 Image from AmiAmi

I've been busy with some personal stuff like losing weight and keep fit that I've stacked a bunch of nendoroids to a mountain of em.  Heck, I haven't even got time to open my Black Rock Shooter (BRS) nendo series yet.  *le sigh.  But thankfully today I brought along this with me to work and took some photos with my handy dandy smartphone :) Oh yeah, on another note, my Canon Powershot A710 IS that I had for years is dying, well it sort of died but not entirely.  Still can take photo but no views on the screen.  Time for a new camera huhu.

So I placed my order with AmiAmi around June if I'm mistaken, I almost missed this or wanted to miss it cause I think I sort of had this withdrawal syndrome towards nendoroids.  But I couldn't help it and made the purchase.  This cost around 990 yen.  But with shipping, it cost more.  I think I got this for over 2k yen.  Shipping cost is an ass.

Received this in August.  Early August and left it to collect dust for few days cause didn't have time to do this review yet.

The Dengeki G's Magazine 2011 September Issue comes with Nendoroid Petite Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Erio.  And that's about it.  Heavy magazine is heavy.  No regrets though.  I'm such a big fan of nendoroid petite compared to nendoroid.  Size matter.  The smaller the cuter.  Well, that's just me that is.  I think a bundled nendoroid petite could cost more than a  normal size nendoroid sometimes.  *sad.

Here's the single pack I got.  Packed and shipped nicely.

So here's some shots I took of the magazine.

Some of the pages.  There's some Black Rock Shooter goodness in there.


Now lets get to the figure.

Front and back of the box.

Lets take it out.

Woot? Bubble wrap? *plays for awhile.

Take out, it's divided to 8 categories.

Take em all out.

Assemble it.

You got 2 option for the hair and the cap.

The cap.


The hair and the cap doesn't go together cause you'll get this which is kind of weird.

Till the next review.  Hope you enjoy reading and looking at the photos for this.  Oh gawd, the numbers of MISB.  Must open it!

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