Monday, October 11, 2010

1st Nendoroid Gathering in Sabah

I was gonna blog about it this morning but my pages wouldn't want to load.  Anyways, yesterday (10th Oct 2010) was our 1st Sabah Nendoroid Gathering.  We have new collectors yay~  I think the people who collects a lot of nendoroid and are active collectors here is Pjal, myself and the owners of Hobby Densetsu.  I mean seriously, are they anymore nendoroid collectors that I know of here?  Show yourself!  Join us at Nendoroid Sabah Club, our facebook page, here.

Our first gathering was at Kirameki Cafe.  From noon till I don't know wut time.  I was there till 4pm I think coz I was a bit tired.  I nearly didn't go.  Since I have problem transporting most of my nendos and since all of em are in box and some are MISB, I decided to bring puchi instead coz I've already remove em from box for last minute photo taking experience.  I need a bigger container, seriously. 

And since I got some Do-Tai nekkid body and toilet miniature furniture set, I brought that along.  Oh and I brought my DIY pillow that I made for Sebastian.  Wait!  Those bath tub and toilet are requested by Pjal btw.

Hetare Saber ;3

Some of my collection.

Fun!  Met some new collectors :D very happeh.

More photos, here.

Oh and if you're a Kamen Rider fan, feel free to join here.


Amy C said...

wah! cute cute things! XD *sawan*

maslight said...

@amy c: kekekek bukan ko mo beli jua ka? XD

-cHuMiE- said...

i saw cute little meriisa seraphy there..
it is petite nendo or other series?

Uncle Greg said...

aduih ... cute la, tu yang dalam bathtub bah aduih ... kin geram tinguk ... mimang cute

maslight said...

@-cHuMIE- oh that is from WonderFest years ago.

@uncle greg: kan! ;D