Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Review: Megurine Luka Nendoroid

I actually did a review post for animetsu last nite and posted it this morning, click here.  So I thought, maybe I should just rewrite the whole thing for my blog post.  Now I'm not sure anymore.  Or maybe this whole thing is caused by exhaustion?  I'm exhausted.  I think more rest.  I think one of the reason is the fact that my mum told me there was a snake in my brother's bathroom *sigh.  I couldn't sleep because of that!  RAWR!

Anyways, back to this character.  This came together with Minami Chiaki Nendoroid (just in case you missed out on this post, click here).  Took me awhile to blog about it coz I was sick or too bz with other stuff. 

Here's the front and back cover of the box.  I wonder why there's no sticker on these.

Opening the box.  Now this part, see how "busted" it looked?  I swear the postal service put some heavy shite on my box.  At least it's not as bad as what happened to my Minami Chiaki Nendoroid box. 

Letting the air out.  No strong smell.  This is good.

Took it out.

Laid out on the table.

It's your usual 3 facial expression.  I love her expression.  There's some hand and leg joints that comes with it.  The usual stand and Tako Luka!!!!

The stand.  Pretty common.

Detaching the default character.

Hair also can detach.


She doesn't stand well without her skirt.  I mean on the base/stand.

Love her expression.  I'm gonna spend some free time taking photo of her with Al-Azif with singing expression.  Soon!

Actually, those are the only shots of her I took.  Coz, I got so distracted by how cute Tako Luka is.

Look at that cuteness.

This got me excited.  OMG, does this mean I could fit it onto nendoroid petite body?

Before we get to that, lets detach it.

To my disappointment.  The face/head doesn't fit to any of my other nendoroid petite characters.  *sigh.  Heck! Out of 5 that I took out, none of em fit any of the other ones *cries.

Look at that size.  I think the left one belongs to Nagato Yuki Petite and the right one is Tako Luka's face.

See, even face up or down, you can see lotsa difference in size.

But, at least kurimu gym uniform fits to Luka.  MWAHAHHAHAHA.

Last but not least, I just gotta do this.

Coz it's super cute!  Erm, too bad nyoron's head can't put on anybody's head.  Her head can't stand on it's own.  Hehe.

This is definitely an exciting collection regardless it being a vocaloid character.  Which in any case, I don't collect any, this happens to be the first?  Oh wait, does handphone charms count? 


CottonCandy said...

Actually i getting luka juz for tako luka.. but later on.. i tink she's not so bad.. especially the double lariat face.. LOVES!

maslight said...

@PatPatPat: That makes the 2 of us. I oso get her becoz of tako luka kekekek ;) so cute, *fix it on puchi body.