Friday, February 26, 2010

Minami Chiaki Nendoroid

I first watch the anime in 2007. So, I thought this anime is somewhat interesting. I love the characters but not much on the storyline. I mean I can't remember the storyline better than the characters.

For those who never watch this, maybe should watch. It's a story about Minami Family, which consist of three (3) siblings, Haruka, Kana and Chiaki. If I remember correctly, the eldest sis, Haruka is very sweet and she plays a role like a monther while the second sis, Kana is retarded LOL. I'm sorry, there's no other way to describe her. In other words, she's an airhead. While Chiaki is the smart "I can't handle dumb people" kind of character.

Here's the Opening theme to get you started ;)

Anyways, I wasn't planning to talk more about the anime which everyone would probably already know, I'm gonna talk about Nendoroid Minami Chiaki that I just received from animetsu today.

This was pre-ordered last August and was released in January of this year. Pretty long time ago right?

Aight lets start with the box. Apart from the torn (*cries) box, a token of love from Pos Laju, the figure seems to be in good condition. Here's the front and back view of the box. Please ignore that torn box part. *sigh. I feel depress from looking at it. But I fixed it with a lil help from sellotape. ;)  Oh and ignore the scissor hahahah, that's the closest scissor that I can find at that moment.


Open the box.

From that whole *Pos Laju treated my package like punching bag*, when going through this phase (of opening the box), most of the parts felt like ham choi.  You know like those folded box that doesn't go back to it's normal condition?  Yeah that were the case for the top part of my box.

Now the content.

Laid out on the table.

Your typical 1 body and 3 facial expression.  Pretty normal.

Next is the stand.

For nendoroid.

And for the bear.


Doesn't this look like nendoroid petite's stand?  Yeap it's exactly the same.

Aight before I get to the Chiaki and her expression.  Lets look at her bear.

Another similarities with the nendoroid petite.


This is so cute.  Btw, the head and hand is detachable.  Unfortunately, the leg are not.  Detaching head.

At this moment.  *_* I is has a bright idea ;3

Lemme present to you *drum rolls.

Aren't these insanely cute?  I'm sorry, I had to.  My hands were itching to switch their heads hehe.

Ogie sorry, I lied, last photo of them?  Maybe ;)


Now lets get on to Chiaki.  The three (3) different facial expression.

Side view with school bag.

Detachable hair.

Remember the hole on the middle of the head.  Remove the hair for the hat.  Looks like this.

Last but not least.

Chiaki: "Yuki!!! Return the bear outfit come on!".
Yuki: *runs~

Overall, I so love this nendoroid.  I personally love her character in the anime and the bear?  It's like having an extra nendoroid petite to play with.  Well apart of course, the torn bit from the box *sigh.  This is a great nendoroid figure to add to your collection.  Hmm, I wonder if they gonna make the sisters hehe~
I hope you enjoy reading this post ;)

Till my next post.  I have like 5-6 nendoroid to write about. Who should I write about next?


sakura said...

haha xD i like chiaki also! received her direct open in my car. lol. but back in box #_#" need time to play around. still a lot of boxes to open ><

maslight said...

@sakura: wahlow, direct open in car lagi tu. GG.