Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Being a nendoroid collector is not funny

Ever since I started collecting nendoroid last year, I've been getting more and more nendoroid figures to collect. My 1st was a limited edition from Wonder Fest that cost as much as 2 normal size nendoroids, click here (for my previous post). I'd blame BakaNeko for getting me so addicted to the cute expression on those chibi figure.

I now have four (4) in hand and two (2) pending for pre-order release.

My four (4) are L (death note), Al-Azif (demonbane), Sebastian M. (kuroshitsuji) and zetsubo sensei. And my pre-orders are nyoro~n and Mio (k-on).

I'd also placed and order for these.

These are puchi/petit. Purchase with the comic book. And these are limited edition. *faints.

What I wanted but didn't get is the Nagato Yuki T_T *cries.

I also missed out on ToraDora's pre-order @_@""

Anyways, do you know how many nendoroids there is to collect? Check here, at Good Smile Company website. Not farnie at all.

And this does not includes Limited Edition! *cries.

What's even not funny is that I wanna collect these. Prize Revoltech Halloween: Toro and Kuro. These will release in September.

Well at least it doesn't cost as much as a nendoroid. There are normal version of Toro and Kuro. My bro has both of those. Two (2) edition. I also want Prize Revoltech Costume Series No. 1 of Toro and Kuro. Play-Asia still has it but it's so expensive there.

There will also be a Xmas edition one which will release in November.

We'll see if I decided to get those. *sweat. Money very strain.

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