Friday, October 24, 2008


"Poison" comes in many different shapes and sizes. One of the things I'm trying to prevent from purchasing would be the Nendoroids. These petite figurines are cute chibi characters (in other words, big heads and small movable body). But believe it or not, it cost more than the usual Pinky Street figures that I got. You could say it's double the price. I know 1 crazy person who collects these nendoroids figures and owns a shop somewhere in Kompleks Karamunsing, Kota Kinabalu (Sabah). LOL. Non other than BakaNeko. You could visit his shop, located at 1st floor of Kompleks Karamunsing, next to Orange Channel.

He got crazy collection. I think he started the collection coz he finds em cute. Yes, I've been refraining myself for so long that I can't stand it any longer! But before I get on to those cute nendoroids. I would like to show everyone what I've been searching for all this time.

Nendoroids Play Set: School Life Set A and B! OMG!!!! These are suitable for my Pinky Street PhotoJournal! OMG!

Anybody know where I can find these locally? Darn it! I thought of ordering it oveseas but reservation for it is closed! *cries!

Meanwhile, these listed nendoroids are in my Wish List! So, PEOPLE! PLEASE TAKE NOTE! GET ME ONE OF THESE FOR MY BIRTHDAY AIGHT! THANKS! XD

Nendoroid Miyafuji Yoshika

Nendoroid Midarezaki Kyoka

Nendoroid Yoko

Nendoroid Shakugan no Shana (there's 2 version for this one and I want both!!!!)

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Tables and Chairs!!!!