Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yukata Household

Yeah rite. I'm lack of furnitures. I don't have chairs T_T

Anyways, I manage to take 32 shots but only will upload these. Hehe, sorry if the lighting is bad. Enjoy~

Notice I had to use the existing chair from the Yukata edition? Yeah hiding it under the table. Hehe. I thought of making a story for it but erm, my furniture set ain't complete. I need more stuff. Uh oh, maybe I'll make a room for this story. One of these days.

I forgot to tilt the head a bit. Hmm, sorry the background a bit bland. I should get myself some color paper.

See! I got not chairs. *sigh. I need chairs PEOPLE! Darn it!

Ehem, I don't have any other yukata version. Ordering 3 yukata version XD

Was trying to do a mirror reflection thinggie, I think I should pull the mirror closer XD


Aj said...

you going to bring this to the conference??? i mean hobbycon?

maslight said...

aj: er no, the collections stay at home, besides, i'll be bz during the 2 days XD doing other stuff XD