Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Massy's Pinky Street Figure Collection So Far

I actually took the day off to go to the dentist today. But I somehow got caught up in re-arranging my Pinky Street Figures.

Here are the ones I've collected so far. I'll try to arrange it by date of purchase.

9th October 2006 - My first ever bought Pinky Street Figure. Ordered from Japan.

PK002B Suu from SERIES 1 repaint.

This is the 2nd Pinky Street Figure I ordered from Japan. Can't remember when I got it.

PK010 Sumire from SERIES 4.

4th November 2007 - I bought this from Toyboy at Toybox (Kota Kinabalu).

PinkyQ is from SERIES 5. A collaboration with ChoroQ.

14th November 2007 - Don't remember how much this cost me, but this was actually bought by my bro but his budget was a bit off, so he sold it to me instead. Thank yew! XD Ordered from Japan.

Pinky:Q with Messerschmitt KR200 is a June 2007 Collaboration, Special Release.

24th December 2008 - A Gift from RinaCat.

PK008A Lisa/Risa is from SERIES 3 repaint.

16th January 2008 - A Gift from BakaNeko. Bought from KL.

PK018 Mikimiki is from SERIES 6.

9th April 2008 - Don't really remember how much these cost. Ordered from Japan.

PK004 Moe and PK006 are from SERIES 2, while PK007 Hana is from SERIES 3

8th May 2008 - Ordered from Japan.

PK005B Kokoro is from SERIES 2. And PC002 Pinky:st. is from the P:Cos collection.

I forgot when I got these. But I guess it's after the yukata version.

PK003 Tamae is from SERIES 1 and PK013 Miko from SERIES 5.

9th August 2008 - I forgot whether it's 9th or 10th of August but I remember I got it before my birthday. I got this from my friends (CSP forumers) as a Gift. I forgot to take a shot of this earlier. I'll edit later. Sorry.

Pinky Showtime Vol 001 CD and Figure Set (with Red Tracksuit), these are SPECIAL RELEASE items!!!

11th October 2008 - SERIES 7 (PK019, PK020 and PK021) that I ordered from Japan.

Total in hand = 17 Pinky Street Figures.

I'm planning to get the ones I've listed in my previous post. 5 more new figures. Sweet~

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