Friday, November 20, 2009

Touhou Project NekoNeko Delivery Service: Rin the Fire Cat

This item has been released since last September this year and I've been wanting to get it.  Unfortunately, the website that sells it don't ship internationally.  But few weeks ago, found out that the site implemented ENGLISH language, I was browsing every single category there is and started placing my order.

My worries, shipping cost and shipping address.

Wanted to ship it to my office but scared might encounter the case when I sent the Nagato Yuki Petite that I ordered via Ebay.  Hence, sent it to my dad's office address.

Anyways, the website I've been talking about is  This website is based in Japan and only accepts payment via PayPal.  Post via EMS and just implemented SAL.  So I guess the price was okay since they have discount.  Thank gawd I have some balance in my PayPal account.

Did some calculation and proceeded with my order for the above mentioned item.  I guess it would be a waste to just order this item that I decided to add another item.  Which brought to the total amount of RM200++.  Was actually planning to get a Nendoroid but since this particular item only has 2 in stock left, I decided to order this one instead.  The item I'm talking about is the Game-prize The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Vignetteum Cute Vol.1 (consist of Haruhi + Yuki + Ryoko + Emiri) by SEGA.  This particular item was sold out in XL Shop and they sell separately at Hobby Search or HLJ.  If I'm not mistaken.  It's sold for RM80++ locally.  But I got it for less than RM100.  *blames shipping.  I'll blog about the other figure some other time.  I haven't open it yet.

Lets start from the beginning.  I ordered this item last week.  Arrived 2 days ago, only received it today (my dad went to his office and picked it up for me).  Good thing is, the box fits exactly the figure (unlike Hobby Search, they owez give big box orz).  *excited.

What's inside the box?

Close up?


Now lets take out from the box shall we?

First impression of the touhou figure.  Reminds me of Pinky Street.

Taking it out.  Smells like Pinky Street figures @_@"""

Took some photos of it.

Deliver "sperms"

Those blue thinggies are squishy.


OMG! Can see pink pantsu @_@"""

Oh yeah, everything is undetachable except the head.  ONLY the head.

The figure height around 7cm.

I'm satisfied with this purchase.  Item as described and as shown from photo at amiami site.

Till my next figure post.

Oh yeah, if anyone wants to order this, go to  I think they have 10 pcs left in stock.

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