Friday, April 24, 2009

ToraDora! Toy’s works collection trading figure by Chara-ani

I was browsing through my favorite figure website, Neko Magic, when I stumbled upon this.

OMG! Toradora collections! And it's uber cute. Wait wait waAlign Centerit. I seem to be forgetting something. Ehem, this site suppose to be dedicated to Pinky Street. Erm what's going on here? Ehem, I think I should rename my figure blog collection *sweats~ sorry people. I mean I really really love Pinky Street. It's my first ever figure collection but I'm expanding my "wings". Nothing wrong with that right? *sweats.

Anyways, back to the above mentioned title.

Here are some photos I leech from Neko Magic site. I hope owner don't mind *sweat.

Lead character, Aisaka Taiga. She's a midget but a cute midget. Now why don't they include the guy huh? She reminds me of the character from Shakugan no Shana.

Minorin!!!! She's bubbly and hyper. Even I find Taiga cute but I love Minorin for her randomness! XD She's uber kewl!

The "devil" Ami chan. She's a well known model but her actual attitude is =_=""" Lets just say that the real Ami is a bitch. *rofl. Everyone finds her pretty. Not my most likable character but this is a cute resemblance. *giggles.

Will only release in August 2009. OMG! So getting it!

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