Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's New?

I'm sorry for the lack of update. There's lotsa stuff that I want to update with but internet connection getting worse everyday.

First up, is a set of new release from Pinky Street. Three (3) new figure.

Very cute expression. Expect to release in August. I've already place my order from Hobby Search.

I seem to notice lotsa people giving up on this collection. *sad. Maybe it's not as movable as the big head nendoroids huh?

Up next are updates on Nendoroids. I'm not entirely a collector for these types of figure but I'm tempted. What's stopping me? MONEY! Nendoroids cost 6 - 7 times than a Pinky Street figure. Yes, very sad.

New nendoroids?

Saber Lily

Arawn from Tears of Tiara.

And Raspberyl from Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice which is releasing in September.

I might be getting this. Maybe I should wait for the local seller. I think should be cheaper compared to when I order single item from Japan. Oh the painful shipping cost.

I love nendoroid petit. I seriously do.

Death Note collectors would wanna get their hands on these.

I'm thinking whether I should coz this cost a lot more *sigh.

Oh and I just found out that there's a nendo release on a character in Touhou Project?

More info, please check Neko Magic's post, here.

Well that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading.

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