Sunday, January 18, 2009

PhotoJournal: An Update!!

Before I get into the shots I took today. I'd like to list down some other miniature stuff that I have.

Japanese garden

Another incomplete set.

Aight, that's done. Now the photos I took for today.

A shot with the new bridge. I need more stuff to make a garden XD

Hmm, wrong choice of eyes, I think I should use the usual big brown eyes type of face. This particular character is a mix and match, consist of four (4) different pinky street figures.

Notice the white color board as the base? I was holding it with my left hand while using my right hand to shoot this. Erm, tried really hard to keep my hand from shaking. Erm, well actually the pressure in holding with one (1) hand is as follows:

It made my character look kinda gloomy. In a way. It actually should give a slight oriental feel from the way she looked and the outfit she had on.

The original shot of the next one was suppose to look slightly dark. I've adjusted it in photoshop to make it brighter hehe.

I had an idea for this next one but it started pouring. So, I didn't get to take my time arranging stuffs.

Hope you guys like the shots.

And that's about it for today. What do you think?


Anonymous said... urself more miniatures huh...
nice..i likey! very japanese-y

maslight said...

rach rach: yeap XD i want more XD gimme more ~ XD