Thursday, January 15, 2009

Miniature furniture

My current furniture collections.

Bathroom set, I bought these at Cottage House, Karamunsing (near McDonalds). It cost me quite a bit. *sweat.

A sample shot with toro and kuro. Btw, these 2 aren't mine. It belongs to my brother.

A complete bathroom miniature set. I'm sorry if the photo is fugly. I'll retake it soon.

Ahhh I love wood. *smells em wood. I got these from Daiso, 1 Borneo. *sigh~ I hate it when I have to go to that place almost everyday just to check new miniature.

An incomplete set of english cottage miniature. No chairs T_T I need chairs.

Another incomplete set would be the japanese furniture miniature set. *sigh no chairs also. Lucky for me, my yukata pinky street figures comes with some bench.

I still have a bamboo looking thinggie for entrance (which is actually for fish tanks but hey it looked kewl). Two (2) bamboo bridge (different colors). Some other stuff, I'll take photos later. Hehe.

Anyways, here are some yukata pinky figures that I've set up for today.

Twins! XD They look really cute.

I'll try to make other scenes when I'm free. Till then, thanks for viewing.


IRTeA said...

waw nice I like

Sakuya-Chan a.k.a Ceres said...

WaW~ so cute ne~ ^///^

BLue said...

wua so cawaii >.<

Ai-Ling said...

that's a very interesting hobby. nice collection u hv there :)

maslight said...

arine: lend me ur antique! XD

sakuya chan: domo XD

blue: yes it is! i can't help myself XD i need more XD

ai-ling: thanks~

小泽 (DSvT) said...

they are all very nice... I like to collect toys, models too...

Maybe we can shared ideas in the future...

find me at

maslight said...

小泽 (DSvT): thanks, sure, it'd be great!