Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mushroom Paradise

What's wrong with me? I seriously need to focus on keeping money rather than spending it @_@""

Anyways, I received a call/PM from BakaNeko (figurine supplier, his shop is at 1st floor next to Orange Channel at Karamunsing btw) that the Mushroom Paradise Re-Ment has finally arrived. OMG this gonna cost me more than RM100 @_@""" kerapu~ I'm halfway to broke lala land.

But, I can't resist, the temptation!!!! I'll show u how cute are these mushroom miniatures are. *strangles self.

Dammit! When I say it's cute! I mean it OGIE!!!! ~@_@#~

Tell me you can resist all of these!?!!?! Well unless you're a dood, it's understandable. When I'll get this? After I get paid. *pray~

Source: Re-Ment US

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