Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review: Dengeki G's Magazine August 2010 with Nendroid Petite Angel Beats! Tenshi

Finally I can blog! I've been trying to post this 2 hours ago.  The line been crazy slow since yesterday.  I'm sorry for the lack of updates, been bz catching up with TV series.  Heck because of the downtime and since I'm now sleepy, I'm less motivated to write this post.  But hey, I'll do my best in roughly reviewing the above mentioned.

It was my first order with Otacute.  I was reluctant to proceed with my order at first coz I was getting not so great feedback from people around the net about their services.  But decided to proceed with it cause I wanted to give em a fair trial.  Oh yeah, btw the magazine is sold for 990 yen (tax included).  I got this for USD20++ (including registered SAL).

My personal experience purchasing from this online site. 

  1. Unable to combine shipment for item unless of the same month.  Pretty common, AmiAmi also doing the same thing.
  2. Can't cancel pre-orders/orders after confirm.  I think the only hobby/figurine online shop that I shop with that allows cancellation through the system is HobbyLinkJapan.
  3. There's four (4) types of shipping available:  SAL (unregistered), SAL (registered), EMS and FedEx.  It's priced accordingly being SAL (unregistered) is the cheapest method but not so save and takes maybe around 2 weeks for item to arrive and FedEx being the most expensive.  My usual shipping would be EMS (equivalent to Malaysia Pos Laju which is not so "laju" at times).  My choice for shipping the magazine is with SAL (registered).  It took less than 10 days to arrive.
  4. Figurine pricing quite similar to the other online figure sites.  No complain there.  
  5. Customer service response time, not as fast as I expected.  So far I've enquired from AmiAmi and HLJ, they reply very fast.
  6. Item condition, not bad.  Will show some photos below.
Overall, the services they offer are quite similar with the other figure online website.  I didn't have any problem with the shipment and my item arrived safely.  I think it could arrive earlier, judging from local postal and how they manage things could be worst.  Hmm, I guess I'm lucky?  This time.  Heheh~

Here's my package.  Arrived 3 days ago.  I've been meaning to blog about it but I was too busy with other stuff.  Heck, I got plenty of pending figurines to blog about.  Need to make time to take photos and organize the boxes.  It's all stacked next to my computer table collecting dust.  OMFG.  Must put em in a cover away from dust!

The content:

Close up:

Broucher and stickers of Kaiyado products.  In other words, Revoltech.

Nendoroid Petite Tenshi/Kanade.

Oh my box got squashed a bit.

The magazine.

Not much about Angel Beats.  I flipped it but forgot to take photos of some of the pages.

Taking out the nendo petite.

Taking it out from the plastic always gets me excited.

Parts laid out on the table.  Oh this face is so cute.  What's uncute is that her hand won't be able to do much.  Notice there's 2 hoel on her hair?  One (1) is for her ponytail.

Why do I have two (2) of that? *curious.  I notice though there's hole on her body too.  Meaning you could either put it on the body or the hair? @_@"""

If you missed out on this, you could get the Angel Beats! Nendoroid Petite set #2 which will be release in November 2010.  Selling for 2,100 yen (tax included).  Comes with Yui and Otonashi.  More info via Good Smile Company website, here.  But of course, you'll have a different set of facial expression and hand gestures.

I'm guessing this set Tenshi comes with changeable hands XD

And a softer facial expression it seems.

I'm happy to say that I'm glad I didn't skip her.  This was worth it!  I'll try to take a shot of her with Yurippe when I have time ;)

Till my next post, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post ;)

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