Friday, July 30, 2010

I've been going back and forth to online figure shop sites and thinking whether I should get that BD and DVD Black Rock Shooter First Release Limited Edition that comes with Nendoroid Petite BRS and Dead Master.

As much as I want these, I am trying really hard to limit myself from pre-ordering it.  I have already have an order for December 2010 release which cost around 1,600 yen.  Adding this would add another  3k yen.  Not forgetting heavy pre-order in August  (due to delayed items) - October of this year.

Maybe it's best for me to skip this coz if I decided to pre-order, I might not be able to stop purchasing all BRS related items.

Though, for those who wanted to order this, may do so via these online websites:
Hobby Search

More info. via Good Smile Company, here.


Aikachan said...

What? Why you don't PO it?
I have PO it, and waiting for it to release

maslight said...

I got em big ones instead hehe.